Laptop Motherboard Repair

Laptop Motherboard RepairWelcome to Creative IT laptop motherboard repair service for all brands such as Dell, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Sony, Apple and Fujitsu. The different ports or components on a motherboard can fail due to electrical spikes, electrical surges, rough handling, heating issues and usually liquid spills resulting in your laptop to function abnormally.

Laptop Motherboard Failure Symptoms

Component Level Laptop Motherboard Repair Specialists

At Creative IT, we have component level laptop motherboard repair specialists to troubleshoot and fix all your issues. If a repair company has stated you that the laptop motherboard is beyond repair and needs replacing, give us a try before opting for a new motherboard as it is not an economical option. We not only repair the DC socket or replace a defective resistor, capacitor, diode or bad IC components; we can fix problems and offer specialist BGA rework / reflow for Northbridge, Southbridge and graphics chips and Power IC Replacement (6-12 pin ICs) and Controller IC Replacement (200-400 pin ICs).

Advanced BGA Rework / Reflow Station

Creative IT laptop repair has the most advanced BGA reflow rework system and the expertise and proficiency to fix the most complex motherboard problems.

Affordable Laptop Motherboard Replacement

We offer laptop motherboard replacement services at reasonable prices, in situations where the motherboard may be too badly damaged and cannot be repaired.

Get In Touch With the Laptop Motherboard Repair Experts

You can call Creative IT Laptop Repair London on 020 7394 2525 to discuss your problems with us in person or alternatively email us at for more details on our London laptop motherboard repair and replacement services.

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